Hi welcome to my portfolio page click the link below to be taken to my pdf portfolio of a few examples of my work which are more of a basic overview of the types of work I’ve done in the past. Please visit back for further updates on more specific topics and areas of my skills, and more in depth look at the type of work I’ve created.

Linu Hamid – Portfolio

My favourite stash of nibs

I’ve been meaning to do this post for months now and having some actual time off over Easter has left me with little excuse. I just wanted to share some nibs that I use and how I write with them, these aren’t perfect example as nibs are always determined by ink and paper as well…

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I was going to attempt to back log some of my previous post I have made on Instagram but guess less aim to just post. I’ve been trying to refine and experiment with my calligraphy not following a set pattern unlike Spencerian, Fraktur, Copperplate or roundhouse so without any real teaching and self motivation I’m…

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The 1st Day

  Whilst amidst the build up to the fireworks last night, I was adamant to put down a drawing before the clocks rung midnight good and true, so with my current growing obsession with botanical flowers and drawings and painting styles. I thought why not give myself a small warm up and challenge myself to…

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